Bronze Tree & Shrub Program

The first thing you notice about a house is its “curb appeal”. Our tropical climate allows us to plant numerous beautiful plants and trees however, with these plants and trees comes a multitude of different treatments to keep them all healthy. Let us take the guess work out of your landscaping with one of our tested and proven services!

What to Expect

A multitude of products and much knowledge is needed to properly care for shrubs and trees. Seasonal weather conditions dictate what products can be used and when they are to be applied. Our technicians are continually working to insure the best results for your plants.

Primary fertilization will be limited to liquid only fertilization. (Fertilizer will not be applied during the summer due to county regulations June- September). However, insect populations can increase at any time. Therefore, our technicians will consider all the variables and treat with appropriate products. Conditions such as high temperature and humidity, high wind and proximity of plants to buildings or vehicles may hinder or delay our ability to treat your shrubs and trees. Treatment of plants and/or palms on patios or in pots is limited but never hesitate to ask your technician about treating these plants.

Insect and fungal treatments of palm trees are limited to small palms (7 feet tall or smaller) however, if required, additional treatments for larger trees are available at an extra cost. (Call our office or ask your technician for advice!)

We will make eight (8) or four (4) scheduled visits throughout the year. These visits will come approximately every six (6) or twelve (12) weeks but may vary with seasonal weather patterns. Since this is not our Gold Service you may need additional fertilizer, and our technicians will gladly show you what needs to be done to make it easy for the handy customer to do. Service calls and follow-ups are free throughout the year for the eight (8) visit program. Service calls and follow-ups are $45 for the four (4) visit program.

Helpful Hints
  • Water is by far the most common killer of shrubs that we find! Most of your established shrubs only need additional water during a long period of hot and dry weather. We recommend watering 10-15 minutes per week to avoid diseases like root rot as well as spiraling whiteflies and yellowing foliage.
  • Small flowers or annuals should be separated to sections of your landscape beds because they require more frequent watering which will be detrimental to your established shrubs.
  • For pruning advice ask your technician or feel free to call our office!
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